Saturday, 24 May 2008

Simple plan

Simple plan consists of five members:
Pierre Bouvier- Lead vocals
Charles Comeau AKA Chuck- Drums
Jeff Stinco- Lead guitar
David Desrosiers-Bass and back vocals
Sebastian Lefebvre AKA Seb- Guitar and back vocals

These five amazingly good looking guys come out of good old Montreal Canada!! Jeff, Chuck, Seb, and Pierre all went to the same Highschool. They eventually formed a band, but they needed a new bassist. At the time, Pierre was doing vocals and playing bass, but wanted to just sing. So they recruited Dave from a band called Reset (Ironically Chuck and Pierre's old band). Together they formed Simple Plan.

Simple Plan is a pop/punk band and their inspirational music always gets you hyped and ready to party. They have accomplished so much in such little time, that the only way to go from here is up.
Good luck in the futur guys!

Thanks to "Jacqueline St-Gelais" for submitting the biography.

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