Friday, 13 June 2008

Norah Jones

Norah Jones crosses musical borders from jazz to soul to folk-based pop. Jones' honey and smoke voice along with her skill as a storyteller urges listeners to hear original and classic songs, as if for the first time.

Norah grew up in Texas with her mom Sue. She got into jazz while attending
Dallas' Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She always enjoyed singing but felt that studying piano would be a more solid foundation. She majored in jazz piano at the University of North Texas for two years before taking a trip to New York city.

The trip started out as just a summer away from college, but Norah quickly knew that she would not be leaving for a while.

"The music scene is so huge. I found it very exciting. I especially enjoyed hearing amazing songwriters at places like The Living Room. Everything opened up for me. I couldn't leave."

She started hanging out with local songwriters and became inspired to write her own songs.

Eventually a band was started with local songwriter Jesse Harris and bassist Lee Alexander. Norah sang and played piano.

In October 2000 the band recorded some demos for Blue Note Records. Norah used this as an opportunity to find her voice between her roots in jazz and a new passion for songwriting. The resulting demos were available as the now of out print EP "First Sessions".

"That recording is a very special document of a working band. Jesse, bassist Lee Alexander, drummer Dan Rieser, and me. We also had guitar players Adam Rogers and Tony Scherr come in on a few tracks. They fit right into the band vibe we had going."

In January 2001 she signed with Blue Note Records. Her first Blue Note release entitled Come Away with me was released on February 26th, 2002.


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