Sunday, 8 June 2008

Plain White T's

Five years is a long time, but it's also an advantage. Plain White T's formed in '97 sometime between the summer and fall. Tom Higgenson (vocals/guitar), and Ken Fletcher (bass), had been in a band together and decided to move on and asked friend Dave Tirio to play drums for a power-pop trio. Tom had already written several songs, which the band adopted to their new style, and eventually made a recording of. After two years of playing every show they could, it was time to make some changes. Steve Mast (lead guitar/vocals), brought in his experience and voice to the mix. And three years just seemed to fly by, just like that.

It brings us to present day. Two albums later, the first self-released debut effort was a 13 song record called "Come On Over", which sold over 3,000 copies. The most recent recordings all made it onto "STOP", which they released in November of '01. 12 of their most mature and honest songs yet. The focus on this album is what drives you to listen from start to finish. It's as if they know what you have been through everyday of your life and wrote an album about it.

Along with their rapidly growing fan base in the Midwest, the band has toured the South from Texas to Arizona, and played up and down California with some great bands. Besides opening for great bands such as Sum41, Jimmy Eat World and Me First and the Gimme Gimme's, just to name a few, they have played numerous sold out shows at a couple of Chicago's most prestigious venues, one being the Metro.

PLAIN WHITE T'S have proved their worth through a DIY attitude and their relentless pursuit of national success. This band has high hopes for the future and refuses to settle for anything less of great. They have extremely hard work ethics and push their name out there through shameless promoting. They believe that honesty mixed with simple but solid structure creates the best songs. They believe in their music and that's something to get behind and work for. The music is the best part about these guys. It always comes down to great songs. This band has plenty of them.


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