Saturday, 16 August 2008


Anticipation swept across the crowd at the sold-out amphitheater. It had been too long and yet it felt like yesterday since the devoted fans had seen the band. "And now...", boomed the announcer, "Please give a big welcome to the band that can break your heart and put it back together...All-4-One".

The lights, the music, the energy all came together at once. Jamie, Delious, Tony and Alfred were back where they belong, back together.

To their fans and friends, All-4-One had fallen off the face of the earth. Most, if not all, were unaware of the reason that they had been chillin'. They were unaware that one of the members of the band had a motorcycle accident, a rain-slicked highway at night and tangled wreckage. The fans knew the hits, the millions of records sold and the world tours...but, what they didn't know was that unlike drugs, greed and petty fighting, three variables that break up most bands, the All-4-One hiatus was much different.

With one of the guys in recovery, the band simply would not replace him and go back to work just to make money. Against the protests from those in the music industry, the band stood fast and waited until they could return to their public and give them the magic that was real.

With All-4-One, it isn't just the name of the's the way it is.


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