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Baby V.O.X

Baby Vox Profile and Gallery
1997 was Year of the VOX. Baby VOX, the VOX standing for 'Voice of eXpression', debuted in 1997 with then Baby VOX members Jang Shieun, Jang Hyunjun, Yumi, Lee Heejin and Kim Eiji. The first single released 'Muhli Hah Neun Nahl', or 'Haircut' in English, was styled after a new English group, the Spice Girls. The song didn't do so well, only reaching 47th in the kpop charts. After releasing another single and two music videos, Baby VOX decided to make some changes. Three of the original members, Jang Shieun, Jang Hyunjin and Yumi were taken out of the group and three new, fresh faces were brought in.
When Baby VOX's second album was released, the group was comprised of Kim Eiji and Lee Heejin of the original group along with three new singers, Kan Miyoun, Sim Eunjin and Le Gai. Kan Miyoun had participated in some first album activities, as she was phased to make the member change easier. The singles released off this album were 'Ya Ya Ya' and 'Change'. These two songs fared much better with fans and Baby VOX reached as high as 7th in the kpop charts. Unfortunately, Lee Gai was unsuitable for the group, and she was asked to leave. It was time to find the final new member. In 1999, Baby VOX released their third album, titled 'Come Come Come Baby' and showed off it's newest member, Yoon Eunhye. Once Eunhye joined the group, the Baby VOX we now know was complete. With each new album, Baby VOX had become to be known as very verstile, and this new look was no different. The new, more mature look helped this album soar. The singles from this album were 'Get Up', 'Killer' and 'Missing You'. 'Get Up' topped the kpop charts and has remained thier best selling album to date. In 1999, Baby VOX also hit the Chinese market and has had a very strong fanbase ever since. The year 2000 marked another new album for Baby VOX, titled 'Why'. This album showed a very elegant and graceful look for the girls. Baby VOX fame was growing more and more. The singles released this time were 'Why', 'Baeshin', and 'Hu Rak' (Affection). By this time, Baby VOX had established themselves as one of the biggest Korean female groups around, comparable to SES or FinKL. Because they were so young and vibrant, Baby VOX made it a point to excel in dancing and performing, which added to thier popularity. In the fifth album, 'Boyish Story', Baby VOX did a complete turn around and featured a sharp, boyish look. Always amazing fans, the singles released were 'Game Over' and 'In Hyung' (Doll). In this album, Baby VOX stepped into the world of song writing. Each member wrote and composed a song on this album, showing strength and talent and that their sucess has not come from their image alone. May of 2002 showcased a compilation album, titled 'Special Album'. It is a box set containing three music cds with a VCD and a small photo book. The first two cds were comprised of past Baby VOX hits made into a non-stop dance mix. The third cd was full of ballads, with the VCD consisting of a music video for the new single 'Go', and fun self cameras. It is a nice set to show off all of Baby VOX's accomplishments. By this time, each member had started to branch off a little bit and do some projects that interested each person. Eunhye and Eunjin modeled for various companies, while Heejin and Eiji acted in a drama. Miyoun usually doesn't do advertisments or act, preferring to work on her voice. All members are always seen popping up on various television game shows and talk shows. While they are strong as a group, individually, each member shines.

The next step for Baby VOX was to go totally live! In September of 2002, Baby VOX held their first, totally live full length concert. It was two hours long and a full stage production. They sang songs ranging from the second to special album. Each member also performed a small side production. For example, Kim Eiji did a ballet dance and Lee Heejin did a swing dance. The concert was released in VCD format and was a great sucess for Baby VOX.

In the winter of 2003, Baby Vox launched a 'world tour'. They visited Hong Kong, USA, Thailand, China and other spots. Baby VOX was very well recieved around the world and the tour only furthered thier popularity

In March of 2003, Baby VOX released their first Japanese Mini Album. It's similar to a US single. It featured thier hit song 'Go' sung in Japanese. There were a few 'Go' remixes as well as a song from the fourth and fifth album. It was a sucess in Japan and another internation highpoint for Baby VOX. April of 2003 brought the most recent musical release, the sixth album, titled 'Devotion'. Another spectacular change from past albums, this album is highly techo and trance in sound and style. The singles from this album are 'What Can I Do', 'Devotion' and 'I'm Still Loving You'. 'What Can I Do', is a cover version of a title by Kim Changhwan and 'I'm Still Loving You' is sung in Mandarin Chinese especially for all Chinese fans. While those songs are the released singles, Baby VOX performed many songs from the album, just a few times. Songs such as 'Majimaken' and 'Catch Me'. And music videos were made for the three released singles, a video for 'May Be Love' was also made and released. Baby VOX keeps changing and evolving and they keep coming out with widespread hits. Most fans think this is the best album to date and it guarentees to be a huge sucess for Baby VOX. After a long and much anticipated wait, Baby VOX released their first ever Photo Album in May of 2003. It's a 93 page photo book filled with sexy and sometimes racy photos of each member of the group. It was a release filled with controversy, as many fans thought the group was going down a road that would lead to loss of innocence and unwanted attention. Attention focused soley on their bodies, and not talent. Baby VOX triumphed once again and showed the world that you can have everything you want - good music, talent and a good, fun and sexy image. Baby VOX's purpose for this photo album was to just have a good time and try something new, which they suceeded at greatly. Baby VOX is currently working on both solo projects and their seventh album. For example, Heejin is currently involved in a musical and Eunhye is acting in a drama. Overall, Baby VOX has shown such versatility, temerity, strength and talent, that it is assured that they will always stay at the top of music charts and hold a special place in all fans hearts.

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