Sunday, 3 August 2008

Christian Wunderlich

1995 - 1999 Christian as Frank Levinsky in the German ARD Soap Opera "Verbotene Liebe". He also stood in front of the camera for the RTL-production "Felix,ein Freund f?r´s Leben" and the ARD series "SOKO".

1998 Shortfilm "3 Tage tot'. He played a kidnapped young man aho is kept hostage in a hole in the woods (based on a true story).

Spring 1999 Christian leaves "Verbotene Liebe".

July and August 1999 Christian played in the RTL Movie "Der Kuß meiner Schwester', which was on screen in 2000. Alexandra Schalaudek was not just Christians partner in "Verbotene Liebe" but she also played a role in the movie as well as in Christians video "So in love".

August 1999 Christian was working in Cologne where he played the leading part in the ZDF series "Nesthocker".

May 2000 Christian spend most of his time in the recording studio- working on his album "reflections". The album appeared in December 2000.

Spring 2001 Christian is promoting his new album in Germany- Currently he is preparing his Asian tour as the support act of the group "Westlife" which will involve gigs in around 7 countries. Christian will perform and promote a especially compiled album for the Asian market. It will be a mixture of his first and second albums which were released in Europe.


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