Thursday, 7 August 2008

Craig David

A hot new signing to Wildstar, Craig David is setting an exciting new standard for UK talent and the world. Imagine the results of the combined influences of a youth spent listening to Hip Hop and R'n'B while being witness to the emergence of the UK's vibrant new garage scene. At only 19 years of age multi-talented Craig is the cream of a new breed of artist emerging.

Hailing from Southampton Craig spent most of his younger days with his notebook and pen in hand, scribbling his lyrics while laying down melodies on his dictaphone. He often slipped the protective eye of his mum, venturing out to indulge in his favorite past time: music. At 14 years of age Craig was MC-ing on his local pirate station, PCRS 106.5FM as well as at the biggest clubs in his area eventually moving onto the decks himself. His set was R'n'B but he soon found himself pulled to the energy of the garage room by the heavy reggae baselines and +8 accelerated tempo's. It was here that he teamed up with Mark Hill (one half of the Artful Dodger crew) his music began to evolve.

Craig's material had already made it onto the shelves after his mother had pushed him into entering a national writing competition, which he won. Given only the music, Craig put the finishing touches to 'I'm Ready' the B-side of Damages No:3 chart hit 'Wonderful Tonight'. He had began working in the studio travelling up to London every weekend it was here that he recorded his first record, 'Human' his R'n'B infused version of the Human League hit.

However it was his new partnership with Mark Hill that spurned his first hit 'What Ya Gonna Do' which eventually became 'Rewind'. Signed by Public Demand this tune fast became an anthem on the underground and they were performing at top clubs around the country. The word was spreading and Craig's vocal and writing talents were in much demand. It wasn't long before his deal with Wildstar was signed.

While growing up, Craig's tastes were acquired from a diet of Terence Trent D'arby, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder courtesy of his mother. He now names R Kelly, Usher, Donell Jones, Faith Evans, Cannibus, Nas, Redman and Britney Spears, as respected all round artists. He has a vast record collection that would make any veteran DJ proud, however being only 19 his house is starting to get a little crowded Mark and Craig have their own successful garage show on Capital Radio that goes out between 11pm and 12pm on Saturday night. A-list at Radio 1, Capital and Kiss FM and no.2 in the national charts for eight weeks, 'Rewind' was the first of many chart entries for Craig David. However make no mistake, Craig David is most certainly an R'n'B artist first, whose influences mirror the mood of the youth of today.

'Fill Me In' the follow up to the 'Rewind' collaboration stormed the national charts, going straight in at No.1 making Craig the youngest British male solo artist to have a number one.
This was Craig's debut solo effort, providing the perfect introduction to his R'n'B material which overflows with rich textured arrangements, chord changes, contagious melodies, vocal acrobatics and lyrics that we can all relate to however old. '7 Days' is the second single from the album scheduled for released on 24th July.

Having scrapped his notebook for a laptop, Craig continues to write material for his debut album, 'Born To Do It' set for release on 14th August. His immense talent coupled with his charm and youthful enthusiasm will leave you in no doubt that we have a new voice, a new sound and the epitome of an artist for the millennium, a true poet for a new time.


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